Buying / Investment Process

To simplistically describe the process, we Assess, Research, Identify, Inspect, Analyse, Negotiate and Purchase the property for you.

The following Steps elaborate on this process:

Step One:    

We all need a plan. We start the process by talking about your goals and aspirations, and what’s really important to you and your family.
These discussions will benefit you by:

(a) Gaining an understanding of the different property options available to you
(b) Discovering what is really important to you in your property buying / investment goals
(c) Understanding the finance process and how it can impact you on your journey
(d) Confirming and reviewing your current portfolio
(e) Establishing a clear plan to help you achieve your goals
(f) Initiating an action plan.

Step Two:    

We consult with specialist Finance, Tax and Accounting services to discover and ensure what’s best for you.

Step Three:    

Subject to the completion of Step’s One and Two, Panoptic Realty will research, identify and negotiate the best possible buying price for your property purchase / investment. We manage and facilitate the entire purchase process from beginning to end – from Offer to Transfer into your ownership.
We work exclusively for you – The Property Buyer / Investor!

Step Four:    

If you are an Owner / Occupier and want to increase the value of your property by renovating, we are able to facilitate the process and Project Manage the renovations to meet your quality standards.
If you are an Investor / Landlord and want to rent your property, then consider using the specialist comprehensive services of Panoptic Realty Property Management. We understand your expectations and goals, and look forward to working with you to achieve the best possible results for your property investment portfolio.