What is the difference between a Buyer’s agent and a Selling agent?
A Buyer’s Agent is a Property expert, specialising in searching, evaluating and negotiating the lowest possible price and most favourable terms and conditions for the Buyer.
A Buyer’s Agent works exclusively for the purchaser, with the goal of buying at the lowest possible price, in the best interests of the purchaser.
A Selling Agent’s responsibility, as required by law, is to act for the vendor (the Seller).
By law, an Agent is not allowed to act on behalf of the Seller and the Purchaser in a transaction.

Why should I use the services of a Buyer’s Agent, when I can do it myself?
The average person will buy 1-2 properties in their lifetime – whereas a Buyer’s Agent regularly buys many, many properties. A Buyer’s Agent allows the Buyer to ‘shop’ in a safe, controlled and informed environment - with trained professionals, who are equipped to unemotionally save you time and money. With a strong ethical and professional approach, we’re passionate about finding you the right property at the best possible price.

When should I use a Buyer Agent?
We suggest you use the services of a Buyer’s Agent for all your Property transactions.
You are making a huge investment, so why not make sure that it is in your best interests?

What is the benefit of using a Buyer’s Agent?
By using a Buyer’s Agent, the Purchaser ensures that the property is purchased at the lowest possible price – and therefore saves money!
The entire investment process is managed and facilitated by the Buyer’s Agent – and provides the Purchaser with a stress-free investment.
A Buyer’s Agent is an experienced industry specialist who negotiates exclusively for the Buyer.

How long will it take to find a Property and complete the process?
Subject to the Purchaser’s specific, unique requirements - the time it takes to find a suitable property varies from Purchaser to Purchaser. Generally speaking, once you have appointed Panoptic Realty, the process can be completed within 90 days, however, should you be an International or Expat Purchaser, this process may be slightly longer in order to satisfy the Australian Legislation requirements.

Is Panoptic Realty Licenced and insured?
Yes – all our Buyer’s Agents are fully licenced Real Estate Agents and members of the Real Estate Institute Queensland (REIQ) – who mandatorily requires our professional accreditation to be updated annually in order to maintain this membership. As fully accredited Buyer’s Agents, Panoptic Realty maintains the required Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

Is your service(s) only for high end / niche Purchasers?
No, we provide services for ALL Property Purchasers / Investors – irrespective of the purchase price bracket.

Can we refer other people to Panoptic Realty?
YES PLEASE! We want your experience with us to be one you would want to share positively with family members, friends and colleagues. We are committed to negotiating the best possible purchase price, the most favourable terms and conditions – and we are committed to providing our client’s with the best possible service!

Does Panoptic Realty have any interest in any of the Properties offered to the Purchaser?
No, none whatsoever. The purchaser is assured of independent, unbiased advice on the property.

What happens if I find a Property and only want assistance in the buying process?
Panoptic Realty provides tailored services to meet your specific requirements. Subject to your needs, we will negotiate fixed fees accordingly in advance.

Is there a cost for the first meeting?
No, the first meeting is free of charge and will allow you to find out more about what we do and how we do it.

How does Panoptic Realty charge for its services?
There is no charge for the initial meeting and it’s completely obligation free. We use this meeting to fully assess your specific requirements and to answer any questions you may have about our service(s).
Every Purchaser is unique and has specific requirements, which allows us to vary our Fees depending on the service(s) required. Our Fees are industry competitive, negotiated and fixed in advance.
Upon completion of the buying process and successfully purchasing a Property, you can budget on paying Fees anywhere between 2.0% and 3.5% (plus GST) of the Purchase price.
You can be assured that we are working in your best interests and negotiating hard to secure the lowest possible purchase price.
All our services and fees are negotiable.
Note: Should you engage the services of Panoptic Realty in a buying process and then purchase a property (which was identified and introduced to you by Panoptic Realty), via an alternate transaction, you will remain liable to pay the Buyer’s Agent Fees charged.

Are your Fees Tax Deductable?
Fees charged by Panoptic Realty may be tax deductible if you are buying an investment property, however it may not be for a property you intend to purchase and occupy. We recommend you consult with your accountant and/or your tax advisor to determine your individual circumstances.

How hard do you negotiate to ensure I do purchase at the lowest possible price?
There are many creative techniques we employ to ensure you get the lowest possible purchase price and the most favourable terms and conditions. At Panoptic Realty, we negotiate every property as if we are purchasing it for ourselves.

How do selling agents respond to working with you? (The Buyer’s Agent).
Using a Buyer’s Agent is now a common occurrence when purchasing property. Our reputation is respected in the industry for our superior negotiation skills, experience and professionalism. This gives us many advantages when negotiating the purchase of property for our clients. Selling agents are willing and able to work with us, as we are working exclusively for you – the Buyer – and we get paid by you.

What’s the difference between an Appraisal and a Valuation?
An Appraisal is an anticipated price range that a Real Estate Agent believes the Property would achieve if it were offered for sale.
A Valuation is a professionally sworn valuation undertaken by a qualified valuer.
It is important to note that no bank or financial lender will allow a purchaser to borrow against a Real Estate Agent’s appraisal.

Can Panoptic Realty buy on my behalf even if I am not there?
Yes, we do that regularly for our clients (especially International and Expat clients).

Are you available weekends and after hours should I need to contact you?
Yes, we are contactable at all times – especially for our International and Expat Purchasers who find themselves in other time-zones around the world.

What Agency Agreement documentation do I have to sign?
In order for us – Panoptic Realty – to legally represent and act on your behalf; both parties must enter into an exclusive agency agreement supported by the REIQ Form 6 – Appointment of a Property Agent.