Our Charity

The Panoptic Realty Licensee – Gavin Wood - has chosen to support The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF), because undetected Cervical Cancer claimed the life of his mother – aged 49!

The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) works in Australia and through its Overseas Relief Fund in developing countries to enhance and protect women’s health. ACCF programs help to eliminate cervical cancer through vaccination and screening and also the development of Awareness, Education and Support programs for cervical cancer and its prevention. The ultimate aim is to overcome disadvantage by ensuring that women remain alive and healthy and can contribute to the welfare of their families and their communities.

ACCF’s Vision is to protect and enhance women’s health by eliminating cervical cancer and enabling treatment for women with cervical cancer and related health issues, in Australia and in developing countries. Through its programs in support of women’s health and wellbeing, ACCF is committed to improving health and reducing poverty and disadvantage to contribute to sustainable development. ACCF and its program partners have a policy of zero tolerance to fraud and corruption and to family and sexual violence, particularly against women.


Please join Panoptic Realty in our commitment and support of The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation. Thank you.