Quality Assurance Guarantee

Our research has identified the three major concerns that Property owners have:

1. Consistent communication of relevant information and financial reporting
2. Prompt payment of rent monies
3. Timely, scheduled Property inspections

Panoptic Realty provides all Landlords, with the following Quality Assurance Guarantee:

Consistent and Timely Communication
We guarantee you professional, courteous and timely communication at all times.

Financial Reporting
All funds are handled through our audited trust account and our staff is covered by Professional Indemnity insurance. We employ trained personnel who understand the responsibilities of looking after your Property.

Prompt rental collection, daily arrears monitoring and action
We use up-to-date systems, software and IT technology to ensure we collect your Rent promptly and pay it directly into your bank account in a timely manner.

Timely, scheduled Property inspections
We conduct scheduled internal and external inspections – complying with the legislative requirements – and provide you with a written report, which advises you of the condition of your property. We also take photos to minimise disputes with the Tenants.

Minimal vacancy periods
Whilst we cannot guarantee that your property will never be vacant, we will minimize vacancy periods by advertising appropriately and as broadly as practically possible. We facilitate prospective Tenant inspections - personally escort all prospective tenants through your property and then methodically attend to the tenancy applications, and contact you for instructions.

Check all prospective Tenant references with TICA Database
Our stringent Tenant selection process ensures that we identify the best possible Tenant for your consideration. All prospective Tenants are also referenced using “TICA” (Australia's Largest Tenancy History Database to the Real Estate Industry).

Tenant and Bond disputes
We ensure that your interests are protected in the event of a dispute.

Professional assessment and handling of Property maintenance
In order to protect, maintain and improve on the value of your Property, we provide you with repairs and maintenance assessment advice services, and we also provide 24 hour emergency maintenance services for your Tenants. All repairs and maintenance is completed using the services of qualified trades’ people only.

Free appraisal of Rent Market
To maximise your returns and minimise vacancies, we advise you of the market rent of your Property and advise you accordingly.

Knowledgeable courteous staff
All our staff members participate in on-going training and we ensure that they comply with, and remain current, on all legal aspects of the Property Rental and Maintenance industry.