If the fault is an Emergency – i.e. the Property is in danger of damage or a person at risk of injury, contact your Landlord/Property Manager immediately by telephone!

Please make sure you understand what is defined as an emergency… as you will be held liable for any repairs actioned outside of business hours that are not actually defined as an emergency;

(Refer to FAQ for definition of Emergency Repairs)

A Tenant must notify the Landlord/Property Manager in writing of the need for Repairs and maintenance.

Panoptic Realty utilises the 1Form online Maintenance Request system – which is fully Compliant with all industry standards and regulations – and makes requesting Repairs and Maintenance for rental properties quick and easy. This online request process provides the highest level of online security using VeriSign.

[Start online Request for Repairs and Maintenance]

All routine repairs and maintenance must have prior approval from the Landlord.