Stress Free Property Management

There is much more to property management than just collecting the rent. Here are some great reasons to choose Panoptic Realty for Stress Free Property Management services:

  1. We are Property Management specialists
  2. Our Effective Marketing process exposes your property to a wide range of prospective tenants.
  3. Stringent Tenant qualification and selection
  4. Thorough Tenancy Agreement preparation and completion
  5. Registration and submission of Bond
  6. Prompt transaction processing and remittance to you
  7. Monthly Rent Statement detailing all rent collected and disbursements made on your behalf
  8. Timely programmed inspections and detailed condition reports
  9. Recommended routine maintenance to ensure that your property remains well looked after and obtains top rentals
  10. We conduct inspections at the beginning of the tenancy and take photographs to minimise disputes at the end of the tenancy. We include periodic inspections of your property in our management fee
  11. Strict arrears control – zero tolerance in accordance with statutory procedure
  12. Repairs and Maintenance according to your instructions
  13. Disputes with the tenants - We shield you from disputes with your tenants, most of which can be solved expediently if handled with professionalism and diplomacy. We will give you expert advice and represent you at a tenancy tribunal if necessary.